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Fall on Your Knees - Ann-Marie MacDonald It is rather often that a book is described as an 'epic', a 'glorious tale of generations' that spans 'a range of intricate feelings' and so on. I was, therefore, mildly suspicious when I read Philippa Gregory's quote on the front of MacDonald's debut novel 'Fall on Your Knees'; 'an epic in the true sense: a magnificent novel'. Following Homer and Vergil's early Latin works, hardly any novel has ever managed to pull off the 'epic' genre in the same way. And although 'Fall on Your Knees' is hardly made of the same cloth, it is an excellent and very enticing debut.

But what's it all about? A lot, really. I won't go into details about the contents of the book. The basic story is about the Piper family, their internal family relations and emotional hardships. The central figure, Kathleen Piper, is forged into a singer by her father James.

To me, however, it was her maudit sister Frances who stole the show. Her, and MacDonald's tendency to surprise the reader with some very dramatic, intense and sudden plot twists make sure that this book is an experience worth remembering and a story worth savouring.