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Point Omega - Don DeLillo Very particular mix of the abstract and the intellectual level. Main character Richard Elster, a pseudo-Nietzsche kind of character, lives in isolation and ventilates his ideas about society and humanity in general. Jim Finley, the narrator and companion of Elster, seems to have no added value in the story. Basically, this part of the story features a lot of rambling, rambling that's interesting at times but seems very distant for the most part.

DeLillo seems to try to approach reality through the unreal; sadly, his perception falls short and the story gets stuck in no man's land.

Beginning and ending are much more fascinating. An anonymous man spends his days watching an art installation featuring the film 'Psycho' by Alfred Hitchock in slow-motion. The run time of the movie has been prolonged to twenty-four hours. Here, DeLillo seems to be more in his element.

All things considered, a novella that tries to deliver more than it can handle.
Not my cuppa tea.