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Oryx and Crake  - Margaret Atwood 'Oryx And Crake' is a very clever dystopia, focusing on the up- and downsides of chaos and the human system as a whole. The central point of the whole debate in this book is the opposition of how animals live as opposed to the human way of life. The animals in this book are severely genetically mutated, establishing racial blends like the wolvog (half wolf half dog), the rakunk (racoon-skunk) and the pigoon (go figure). The Children of Crake form a sort of compromise between humans and animals, taking the perfect human form but acting in an animalistic way, ditching general human culture and behaviour.

The plot is very well constructed, so I won't give away too much. The characters are rather elusive, especially Oryx. I quite liked her. In short, this book is certainly worth a read. It's a quick read, even with its 450-some pages, and the prospective ideas are sometimes hilarious, sometimes very unnerving. Bravo, Margaret Atwood.