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The Spy Who Came in from the Cold - John le Carré So... that was intense. Reading this book by ex-espionage member John le Carré felt like wandering through a James Bond film with some Tarantino dialogue. It's exciting, it's enticing, it's very clever and the ending really hits the spot.

Alec Leamas, a Western spy in Berlin, is given one last assignment before he must forcedly retire. Without giving too much away, Leamas falls for a simple librarian girl, the mission (of course) knows its difficulties and everything gets complicated. It's interesting as well to read about the protocols and measures used by espionage agents in this book, knowing very well that le Carré himself hails from the very same background and even had to write about it in great secret.

In short; perfect, enthralling holiday read. The book is designed to make you choose the wrong track time and time again, having you rethink your former ideas, but it all just comes together so well. Excellent.