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99 francs - Frédéric Beigbeder '99 francs' is a very enticing read. Beigbeder, who used to work as a publicitary agent, wrote a vehement attack on the world of billboards, catchy slogans and consumerism. And what's even more - it's pretty damn funny.

We follow the adventures of a publicity hotshot called Octave, who is writing down his story in an attempt to get fired from his job. Everything he does to get himself fired backfires though, resulting in a promotion, big bonuses and bigger contracts. It's a world where vile slogans get rewarded, where manipulation is key to succes and, more importantly, the world we all live in today. There's also a more romantic side to the story. Octave is trying to escape. He doesn't really know how he is supposed to go about that, but still. There's some really nice French in here. This book is dangerous, but essential.

Beigbeder is a writer pur sang - go check it out.