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Vulkaanvrucht / druk 1

Vulkaanvrucht - Y.M. Dangre I really wanted to like this book. Reading a debut always makes me kind of excited- I know how much it takes to write a story from beginning to ending, and I assume that most writers would therefore want their first story to be off the charts. However, I had quite a few big issues with this book. And I'm not talking about some artistic hiccoughs here; it's all about good ol' Major Problem.

The premise is good enough, describing the (many) failed relationships of Sévérine Delacroix. Any way, for a full plot review, go to some site with high school book reviews, I'm not going to whine about that kind of stuff for too long.

However. I found myself instantly hating not just the main character, but EVERY character in the book. Her first husband turns out to be some alcoholic, violent loser, and you know, he's pretty damn right to hit her. I'm just saying, I really don't know what her problem is half of the time! I get the dark setting, the gloomy metaphors and whatnot, but still, why? WHY does she have to be such a, eh, mitch?
Her second husband isn't much better though, he's a weak man, who seems to be without real strength in every situation that matters. If I had been in the book, I sure as hell would have been more sympathetic towards the first husband, really.
Another concern I had, is one that I encounter a lot with young writers. He's trying to hard. I do appreciate a nice simile or metaphor, but I don't want to read about 'meandering veins' etcetera ten times per page.

It was but when I had reached the end, that I realised what was really up here. The story should have been told in reverse. No spoilers here, just throwing it in there.

Oh well. Two stars, it wasn't all that bad, I suppose. It's a bit like a drag queen though; pretentions without good reason. But I'm sure Dangre will turn out okay.