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Sneeuwland / druk 9

Sneeuwland - Yasunari Kawabata After having read most of Haruki Murakami's work, I found myself looking for more Japanese authors that have the same sense of mystery and sensitivity. Therefore, I was glad to discover Kawabata. This novel is about love, and the ability to deal with finding it.

I will not go into detail on how the theme is elaborated upon; all I can say, is that it is clever. Quite clever indeed. So clever, I actually had some problems figuring out in which direction the story was going. Characters have been meticulously picked, and although they are really, really shifty in their emotions, they are never annoying or anything. Komako was a bit strange though. In fact, all of the characters were.

A strange, puzzling novel. But I must admit, it was kind of haunting. Give it a shot!