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In de misosoep / druk 1

In de misosoep - Ryū Murakami, Jos Vos I really enjoyed this rather crazy, Japanese book. Ryū Murakami is not as dreamy as his namesake Haruki Murakami, which results in a more realistic book, while still maintaining that typical atmosphere.

Kenji, a somewhat neutral and unnoted youngman has a job as a guide for foreigners in the red light district. But one day, a new customer called Frank shows up, and, well, let's just say he's not the usual erotically frustrated old man. I did like the story, which had a particularly interesting ending. The book really excels in its philosophical approach though. There's a lot of interesting thoughts that have been implemented with grace.

I have noticed that some people struggle with the amount of gore in the book. Perhaps I'm just a guy who has been numbed by action movies and television news, but I felt it was an essential part of the story.

In short, this book is the perfect late-evening read (at 199 pages you'll manage to read it in a few hours) for people who aren't afraid of a book that enters some rather untrodden paths.