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Les égarements du coeur et de l'esprit

Les égarements du coeur et de l'esprit - Claude-Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon Mon Dieu. Usually, when I'm this annoyed by a book, I just lay it to rest and never open it again. Sadly, in this case, bookie euthanasia was out of the question. I read this for my French Literature class, and boy, was it a struggle. Having just read [b:Les Liaisons Dangereuses|49540|Les Liaisons Dangereuses|Pierre Choderlos de Laclos|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1298425654s/49540.jpg|3280025], an actually exciting book about seduction, the contrast with this flimsy and rather pathetic book was almost too big to bear.

Meilcour is chasing his d*ck, trying to seduce multiple women at the same time, failing to realise that he is actually being used by all of them. Including a duke called Versac, whose only purpose in the book is to explain -in a long and tedious part towards the end- how seduction should work and how Meilcour should hide his inner self. All of this is way too direct! The book is supremely unbalanced, the dialogue is hard to follow due to very low clarity and, well, I just never got into any of the characters.

Very bland.