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Gestameld liedboek / druk 1: moedergetijden

Gestameld liedboek: Moedergetijden - Erwin Mortier Erwin Mortier, a Belgian writer, wrote 'Gestameld liedboek : Moedergetijden' in an attempt to capture the effects of Alzheimer's on his mother and his family. Recreating his youth and the life of his mother through snippets of memories, he tries to give his mother a fitting farewell.

And did he succeed. 'Gestameld liedboek' is absolutely stunning. It's one of the best books I've ever read stylistically speaking - Mortier has a way with words that sets him apart in Dutch writing. Ironically, the first thing his mother loses due to her disease is her ability to use words. This creates a beautiful tension, but also a sadness that is almost too sad to describe. This book is, sincerely, heartbreaking and extremely beautiful.

Now if you'll excuse me while I go grab something to eat and think of a present for my mother. Perhaps it will we this book. But I do know this - time is short, and one should always use it. Even if it's just to create more memories than any illness can take away.