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Songdogs - Colum McCann 'Songdogs' is one of those books I picked up rather blindly for a university task. I picked it because of its dynamic storyline, and although it's not really the kind of book I'd write, I still feel content about reading this book in particular.

Colum McCann is an Irish writer; I don't know a great deal about his work, but I think it's safe to say that he likes exotic characters. Characters that do not have ordinary lives. This is also the great strength of 'Songdogs'. A young man called Conor goes looking for his mother, a Mexican beauty that followed her husband and photographer Michael on his journeys.

Every character has his or her own peculiar mindset, which makes this novel rather interesting to read. Even though I struggled with some descriptive parts, the real 'moments' of the novel have a lot of punch and bring across a beautiful melancholic message. A good book, no more, no less.