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Over leven en schrijven

Over leven en schrijven - Hugo Kuipers, Nienke Kuipers, Stephen King Stephen King's 'On Writing', which I read in the Dutch version entitled 'Over leven en schrijven', is a brave book to write. No one would have been furious if King hadn't written a book like this; in fact, few authors do write about their own life and writing methods. This doesn't mean that 'On Writing' is a useless book. Far from it, actually.

Basically, the book has two parts. An autobiographic component (showing how King became the author that he is now) and a more practical component. The events of Stephen King's life are really quite interesting. It's also quite fascinating to see a writer like him share personal feelings with his readers. The second part is, in many ways, a treasure chest for beginning writers. There's some novice tips, and some really fun examples in here.

Thank you, Mr. King.